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Camp Association Codes
updated March 28, 2023
One of the nice features of is the ability to easily document a person's specific associations with camp during specific years - whether as a camp program participant, seasonal staff member, year-round staffer, volunteer, donor, or all of the above(!), etc. - using dropdown lists that contain association descriptions which can be very general to very detailed. The detail can be helpful if, for example, you wanted to select just the Outdoor Education staff or the Equestrian Staff for a special reunion.

From dealing with multiple camps, there is clearly common ground for a large number of camp association descriptions that can serve as a foundation to a camp association coding system. Each camp has the flexibility to have a customized code set, but the following is offered in the hopes that some standardization can take place in camp systems that might promote interoperability if needed.

General Categories

  • Camper, Camp Program Participant - this would include not only regular campers but other participants in camp programs like outdoor education, family camps, weekend groups, special events, etc.

  • Seasonal Staff - this would include individuals who are *not* full-time but hired for seasonal programs/positions like summer camp, outdoor education, kitchen, maintenance, office, etc.

  • Year-Round Staff - this would cover full-time year-round staff who oversee camp administration, programs, maintenance, etc.

  • Volunteers - this would include camp committee members, board members, summer program volunteers, etc.

  • Friends - this is a large somewhat miscellaneous bucket that would include a wide variety of individuals like donors, neighbors, relatives of campers/staff/board, etc.
Individuals can, of course, be associated with camps in multiple different ways at different or even the same times. A coding system allows for appropriate attribution which can then be used to easily identify select groups of individuals for various purposes.

Note that there does *not* need to be a code for every possible camp association/position. supports additional free-text descriptions of assocations to add details as needed.

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