Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs


Dear Camp Director:

How is your camp alumni program coming along? If your camp is like many, you understand the tremendous benefits of a strong alumni program, and you may have the best intentions to follow through on its development. But the reality of committing dedicated staff time and financial resources when there are so many other pressing needs at camp sometimes postpones the best intentions.

A quality camp alumni program takes effort. Finding alumni, keeping accurate and up-to-date information on their whereabouts and associations with camp, and maintaining communication with them through web sites, social media, emails, and snail mails, can be a substantial amount of work.

If you are serious about establishing and maintaining a quality camp alumni program, I invite you to learn more about the web-based tools and camp alumni expertise that are available through which can assist you in your efforts. The tools include a customized camp alumni web site to which you can easily post alumni news and events. Emails can be sent to alumni with a click of a button, and address labels can be easily generated from your administrative area. Historical staff lists and alumni indexes can also be developed, using association codes specifically designed for camps which handle seasonal and year-round staff, campers, volunteers, and other program participants. And a discussion list among camps has also been developed so that people involved in camp alumni programs can share experiences and participate in problem-solving.

Combining 35+ years of camp alumni experience with over 40 years of computer science background and camp software development, is the result of proven web-based tools which have been used to track and communicate with camp alumni around the world. The implemented alumni strategies have been presented at statewide, regional and national camping conferences since 1992.

Why do I want to see your camp alumni program succeed? As a former camper, CIT, Junior Staff, Senior Staff, Crafts Director (partial to lanyards), Canteen Director, Summer Office Assistant, and Camp Board Member - not to mention the requisite camp romance where I met, proposed to, and married my wife - I know the value of the camp experience, and I know the passion that many alumni have towards camp, the relationships that develop there, and the importance of the life-long lessons learned. I also know how hard camp staff work, and that they deserve any tools which can make their jobs more efficient and productive.

From discussing a specific strategy for your camp to offering comprehensive solutions, I look forward to assisting you with your camp alumni program. Please review the website at your convenience and feel free to contact me with additional comments or questions.

Best regards,

Stuart T. Weinberg
Camp Alumni Consultant