Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs

A Step by Step Approach to Developing
and Maintaining an Alumni Program


STEP FIVE <==     STEP SIX - Making the Contacts and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS     ==> STEP SEVEN

Playing Detective
  • The Internet - A Little Scary What You Can Find Out There!
  • Google -, can yield some quick results
  • Switchboard - is one of several online phone directories. Info may be out-of-date but it can be a helpful starting point - can also look up by phone number.
  • Search Systems - has many links to public record databases, such as licensing authorities.
By Phone (can be a team approach)
  • always keep the GOALS of the Alumni Program in mind and ready to explain to who you're speaking
  • do the detective work; if an unusual last name but first name is not listed, call anyway and ask if there's a relation; if there are several listings, call and keep track of who's been contacted
  • keep notes on conversations (preferably on the 'temporary' Alumni card or profile, or in an online 'Comments' section)
  • ask about other alumni whereabouts (if possible, keep a staff roster available for the approprate year(s) to bring up old names)
  • get the 'Minimal Info' and followup with a snail mail Alumni packet or an email with reference to the web site explaining your efforts
By Mail
  • mail out Alumni Packet; make sure to complete 'temporary' Alumni card or profile
  • do NOT bulk mail; forwarding will be a problem
  • upon a response, consider calling them back anyway to get additional info on themselves and other alums
Publicity - Getting Alumni to Come to You
  • posters or an "alumni bulletin board" at camp, with supply of Alumni packets
  • "Alumni Tent" during Summer Camp Opening Days
  • media contacts (especially with planned events)
  • mention of Alumni Program at other camp programs
  • information on your camp web site