Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs

A Step by Step Approach to Developing
and Maintaining an Alumni Program


STEP ONE <==     STEP TWO - Who's in Charge?     ==> STEP THREE

Camp Staff Responsibilities - Advantages and Disadvantages
  • most current on camp events, programs, needs
  • on-site to meet alumni visitors
  • networked into local/national organizations
  • ultimately responsible for keeping info up-to-date?
  • ultimately accountable for success of alumni program?
  • BUT: time and financial constraints can be significant
Volunteer Responsibilities - Advantages and Disadvantages
  • additional access to community to contact alumni
  • can alleviate administration/financial burdens
  • potential for off-site reunions thru volunteer network
  • assistance with organization of Alumni Program
  • fanatical devotion and passion
  • BUT: harder to enforce accountability?
  • if there is frequent staff turnover, emphasis on volunteer efforts may be worthwhile.
  • similarly, a long-standing camp director or full-time professional may minimize need for volunteer leadership
  • ideal solution is to have one of each (a dedicated camp staff and a dedicated volunteer)
  • some camps have separate alumni organizations ("Friends of xxx")