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YMCA Camp Echo

May 1 to October 1:
3782 South Triangle Trl
Fremont, MI 49412

October 1 to May 1:
1000 Grove St
Evanston, IL 60201
847-475-7400 x 259

Alumni Contact:
Katie Tucker Trippi

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Welcome Echo Alumni from All Eras!! (11-03-2018)

Our online database contains over 19,700 names of Echo alumni. If you were ever a Camp Echo camper, staff member, family camper, Camp Committee member, or volunteer, look yourself up ("Index by Name") and verify that your information is correct. Use "Submit My Info" to send us corrections or additions.

Searching by Index, Title, or Year (11-01-2018)

Looking for a friend from camp? Try the 'Index By Name', 'Lists By Year', or 'Lists by Title' links in the lefthand column!

A Brenner Runs Through It Scholarship Endowment (02-11-2010)

At the Guiding Principles conference on Camp Echo Adventure Trips in LaCrosse in 2009, the "A Brenner Runs Through It" Scholarship Endowment was announced, with an initial goal of $50,000.

Annual earnings from the endowment will cover 90% of the trip fee, and gear costs, for worthy boys and girls who could not otherwise afford a trip, starting with the Boys and Girls Trailblazer trips.

To date, we have received just over $60,000. We have been sending two campers with new hiking boots and a 90% scholarship for their trailblazer trip since 2011. Additional donations to this endowment will ensure scholarship for trips for these Brenner Winners in the summers following their first Adventure Trip.

Click here to make a donation to the Brenner Runs Through It Endowment.

Alumni Links (02-23-2004)

To add your link contact the Camp Echo Alumni Director