Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs


Camp Directors:

"[The] email I sent today through the Camp Alum system has raised me over $2000 today. One alum called me on the phone 10 minutes after he received it. He has never given a dime to Echo or to the Y, he lives right here in Evanston and attended Camp in the 60's. He gave me a donation for $500 over the phone. Amazing!! How can I ever express my gratitude for your incredible invention and your dedication to our cause of reconnecting all our alums. Thank you so much." (3/25/2011)

"We made our annual campaign goal of $280,000 with room to spare. Just saying, I couldn't do it without this incredible software. Thank you so much." (6/23/2016)

Katie Tucker Trippi
Alumni & Development Director
YMCA Camp Echo

Looking for an on-line presence and assistance in helping you get in touch with your alumni/ae? is designed to serve as an on-line resource for getting camps back in touch with alums and alumni/ae back in touch with each other. Specifically, any camp with access to e-mail can receive information from interested alumni through the use of this site's standard or customized on-line Alumni Forms. This allows camps without a web site (but with e-mail) to still have an on-line mechanism for alumni to contact camp, and it also allows camps which have web sites without forms-processing capabilities to provide a link to this site for alumni information forms processing. Your camp's brochures and other informational materials can include a customized web site address as the site to visit if alumni want to submit and request information on-line - for example: Wisconsin Lions Camp Staff Alumni Association

Please read the Letter to Directors (updated November, 2018) for more information.

* * News and Announcements * *

2023-10-25 - With sad hearts, we regret to announce that Stuart T. Weinberg, MD unexpectedly passed on July 17th, 2023. You can view his obituary (which in true Stuart fashion, he wrote himself) online here. The future of is currently being discussed by the family.

2023-02-22 - Katie Trippi and I were pleased to once again have the opportunity to present a session on the topic of camp alumni programs at the 2023 American Camp Association National Conference in Orlando. Handouts and slides have been posted under the 'Presentations' drop-down (username and password required).

2021-07-04 - How relevant is a 1990's presentation on alumni? Check out the reformatted Step-by-Step Approach. (Hint: The Words of Wisdom are still pretty spot on...)

2020-10-25 - Check out the article in the November/December Camping Magazine issue entitled Your Roadmap to a Successful Camp Alumni Program, written by Stuart T. Weinberg, MD and Katie Tucker Trippi.

2020-02-08 - Welcome to Wisconsin Lions Camp, which is using CampAlum to support its Staff Alumni Association. The camp has been added to the Select Camps dropdown.

2019-02-23 - The login form that was in the lefthand column has now been removed, along with the entire lefthand column!. Please use the 'LOG IN' in the top navigation bar. Please 'Contact Us!' if there are any problems/issues.

2019-02-22 - This home page has been updated to include this 'News and Announcements' column.

2018-12-06 - Information about camp association codes has been added to the 'Resources' dropdown.

2018-11-18 - The 'About Us' section has been updated.

2018-11-16 - The 'Find A Camp' link in the top navigation bar has been replaced with 'Select Camps' so users can go directly to the alumni home page for any of several camps currently set up with public-facing alumni pages...